Cultural Experiences

LGCEvents prides itself on offering and sharing the most authentic life experiences at your chosen destination.  On this page you will find a unique set of cultural experiences that we would like to share with you. Designed not only for a team of staff or a corporate event, but also for private individuals and small groups seeking luxury escapism.  The knowledge and partners we have established in our countries allows you the opportunity to sample these bespoke luxury experiences, all professionally delivered and managed to the highest level.

VIP Wine-Tasting Experience

LGCEvents is proud to offer you, your company, your most important guests or clients a truly luxury VIP wine-tasting experience.  We are proud to partner the most renowned wine cellar “Bodega” in the region of Murcia. Founded in 1934 and now with both domestic and international recognition, we will escort you to discover the world of wine through a guided tour of the cellars where you will be able to sample the fine wines and extra virgin oils. We invite you to experience first hand the wine lifecycle, from the vineyard to the bottle, following the step-by-step intricate manufacturing process.

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